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The Neuromodulation Society of Australia and New Zealand (NSANZ) is a not-for-profit multidisciplinary body dedicated to promoting research, knowledge and awareness of neuromodulation. NSANZ advocates for the safe and professional practice of neuromodulation and its use and application in the treatment of chronic pain and other disease.

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NSANZ 16th Annual Scientific Meeting

12-13th August 2023
Sofitel Brisbane Central, QLD

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North Sydney

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NSANZ is a chapter of the International Neuromodulation Society (INS).

The International Neuromodulation Society

The Fastest-Growing, Worldwide Multidisciplinary Body Devoted to Building Knowledge of Neuromodulation.

The International Neuromodulation Society (INS) is a non-profit group of clinicians, scientists and engineers dedicated to the scientific development and awareness of neuromodulation – the alteration of nerve activity through targeted delivery of a stimulus, such as electrical stimulation or chemical agents, to specific neurological sites in the body.

The San Francisco-based INS was formed in 1989 and educates and promotes the field through meetings, its peer-reviewed journal (Neuromodulation: Technology at the Neural Interface), mentorship, and chapter websites. The INS also provides information for patients and produces rolling news briefs about this rapidly evolving field.

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Once logged in to the INS Members-Only Section, members can access the full INS journal, Neuromodulation: Technology at the Neural Interface, edit their profile, list their practice in the INS public directory, connect with other members, post or seek employment opportunities, view a database of neuromodulation products, access images for slides or posters, download custom patient handouts, and access past congress proceedings. 

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Upcoming events

Pre-Conference Cadaver Workshop

Start/end date: 11/08/2023 - 11/08/2023

Following a successful Cadaver Workshop in August 2022 in Melbourne, NSANZ is pleased to offer another hands-on Cadaver Workshops in August 2023 before the NSANZ ASM. It will will take place at the Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane on Friday 11 August 2023.

The Radiofrequency (RF) Workshop

Focus on radiofrequency ablation technique of the spine (lumbar, sacral, thoracic and cervical). The workshop will also feature radiofrequency procedures for craniofacial pain, shoulder, hip and knee along with sympathetic plexus. Along with conventional RF, it will also feature cooled RF, pulsed RF and bipolar RF technique.

The Neurostimulation Workshop

Focus on various implanting techniques for thoracolumbar, sacral and cervical spinal stimulation. The workshop will also feature peripheral nerve stimulation, dorsal root ganglion stimulation, multifidus muscle stimulation, intrathecal drug delivery system, surgical implant and suturing station.

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16th Annual Scientific Meeting (NSANZ 2023)

Start/end date: 11/08/2023 - 13/08/2022

On behalf of the Neuromodulation Society of Australia and New Zealand (NSANZ), we would like to warmly invite you to travel to Queensland – the Sunshine State from the 11 -13 August for the 2023 Neuromodulation Society of Australia and New Zealand 16th Annual Scientific Meeting: Transformed from Niche Practice to Mainstream Medicine.

The meeting programme will include exciting International and national speakers, an all-day cadaver workshop and scientific posters presentation.

And then there is the social programme….

We imagine most of you would have been to Brisbane but for those who have not yet truly lived, we would love for you to come and experience our friendly culture, charming vibe, warm temperatures with 280 days of sun per year and paradisal biodiversity.

Our curtains may not be as faded and cows not confused – as of course we do not have daylight savings but for your morning requirements, our coffee up here is pretty good with a thriving coffee and cafe culture. Our restaurants are second to none, the produce and seafood amazing – and the people welcoming.  

The city boasts over 2000 beautiful parks, the Botanic Gardens and Southbank precinct and there are so many other attractions beyond the city, that it will be too much for one trip – so you’ll have to come back!

We cannot wait for you to join us at the NSANZ ASM in 2023.

Dr Meena Mittal & Dr Michelle O’Brien
NSANZ 2023 Co-Convenors

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