In 2016, the International Neuromodulation Society instituted committees of member volunteers to focus on specific aspects of the society’s activities and include International Women in Neuromodulation.

INS Committees

International Women in Neuromodulation Committee, iWIN

In collaboration with the U.S.-based Women in Neuromodulation Committee (WIN), the iWIN Committee engages and encourages women in the field of neuromodulation on a global level. The committee gives the International Neuromodulation Society (INS) guidance on these issues and interacts with other INS committees to advance science and advocacy.

The iWIN Committee also supports the INS Mentorship Program by helping match mentor-mentee pairs.

International Women in Neuromodulation

NSANZ aims include a commitment to the ongoing fostering and supporting of diversity in neuromodulation.

Women in Neuromodulation

The Women in Neuromodulation (WIN®) section of North American Neuromodulation Society (NANS) was formed to educate, inspire and encourage women working in the field of neuromodulation, irrespective of medical specialty, to recognise their professional and personal goals and to serve the discipline in addressing the issues inherent to training and maintaining a diverse and balanced workforce.

Women in Neuromodulation Membership

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